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Facebook ain’t big enough for me, need a blog again. So much going on. At the moment, I’m preparing a cassette release for my label Calypso Now. Kim Salmon was playing in Luzern, me acting as support with Hotcha And The Teenage Lesbians From Hell. I recorded his concert, the result turned out to sound simply amazing, and he suggested the release. Of course I literally jumped on this offer. I’ve now edited the recording for a C90 cassette and have already started copying.

The art work will be done by the mighty Simone Haug (, and we also are planning a video to promote the tape on youtube and facebook. I have no idea how long this will take, so watch this space, ok?

Here’s a sample in flac format (sorry, no MP3, just not good enough to represent a cassette release).

Title Unknown as of yet.flac

and if you can not play flac because you have an Iphone, then take this:

We Had Love.wav

Kim Salmon Links:

Official Site:

The complete concert in Audacity



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